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Aquario Neo Flow Premium With Neo Surface Skimmer and Neo Reliever

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The innovative AQUARIO Neo Flow In-/Outflow Set convinces with its infinite variability and grade of individualisation. It is made out of PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate modified with glycol), which - in the contratry to glass, regular plastic and stainless steel - is far more elastic. In addition, PETG material provides a particularly high transparency. Before water contact, it seems matte, but as soon as it touches water, it becomes highly transparent. Along with the In- and Outflow the Neo Flow Premium Set contains the unique Neo Skimmer, which makes it easy to remove unwanted scum from the water surface and enhance oxygen exchange while remaining very unobstrusive. Furthermore, the Set contains the special Neo Reliever which allows the reduction of the waterflow intensity as well as the vertical change of the waterflow direction. Due to the characteristics of the used PETG material, it is possible to cut the Neo Flow into the desired lenght by simply using a pipe cutter or small saw. Moreover, it is possible to rotate each part of the tubing by 360° and thus individualise the waterflow direction regarding the aquarium's needs. Therefore, it is also possible to adjust the flow horizontally. Cleaning the Neo Flow is by far easier than cleaning stainless steel or glas in- and outflows because all the actual inflow and outflow parts are removable from the main tubes. Also, it is possible to clean the PETG with chlorine solution.