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Aquarium Glass co2 Diffuser

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Function: This CO2 diffuser can create rich CO2 to provide aquarium plants with the carbon dioxide they need and ensure the nutrition and health of hydrophytes. The CO2 diffuser will supply aquarium plants a friendly living environment. High quality & high performance: The ceramic diffuser disc of this CO2 diffuser has atomic pores on its surface, which can produce fine bubbles that rise slowly and ensure efficient diffusion of carbon dioxide in the aquarium. And the CO2 diffuser is made of high quality glass materials, so it can not be easily broken or damaged. Practical and convenient. With the suction cup (included), it is easy to install and operate the CO2 diffuser and can fix on the aquarium firmly. You can also adjust the position easily. Delicate design: This CO2 diffuser has high transparency. The fine, see-through glass is blended in the environment of aquarium, which can create a sense of harmony and unity. What’s more, the cylindrical shape and smooth lines contribute to slowing down water speed to help dissolve CO2 effectively.