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Billion Bacteria Elixe-C Carbon Super Activated Carbon Spheres, 300g (Filter Bag and Bacteria Starter Included)

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Elixe-C is an innovative carbon balls, made from coconut shell activated carbon by special process. The spherical shape allows water to flow through large surface area at perfect way to enhance adsorption.

Unique Combo of carbon and bacteria

Elixe - C carbon also contains special compound and it act as both mechanical and biological filtration. This product contain billions of beneficial bacterial colonies added with this pack. These bacterial colonies stay with this hybrid carbon media and prolong the life time of carbon by oxidizing organic pollutants.

 Why coconut shell activated carbon?

Elixe-C does not contain cheaper fossil (coal) based carbon, instead it is made from high grade coconut shell based carbon. Coconut shell based carbons are micro-porous and efficient to organic chemical adsorption. It tends to be harder and more hesitant to abrasion, which make them a perfect choice for water purification.

 Coconut Shell Carbon are eco-friendly and has no negative impact on environment. it absorbs harmful chemical and pollutants. it neutralizes odour. Removes yellow colour pigmentation from water. Keep Aquarium water crystal clear. Obsorbs Heavy metals and Chlorine in water.

Usage time in water - 6 to 9 Months


Open the sealed jar.

Take required amount of carbon ball in a clean container (300 gram treats 500 litre)

Wash the carbon balls in clean fresh water and drain the water thoroughly

Pour the BACTERIA STARTER (Provided inside liquid on the carbon balls and wait for 5 minutes to get it absorbed ( 20 ml for 300 g of carbon )

Place it in the net pouch (provided inside ) and keep it in the maximum water flowing area of filter or in fish tank

Replace the carbon 6 to 9 months of use