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Billion Bacteria TRIGcare Fish & Shrimp Additives|| 500g

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About The Product

Billion Bacteria TRIGcare Fish & Shrimp Additive 500g

. TRIGcare VMF (Vitamin & Mineral Fusion) is 100% Natural additive for the betterment of fin fish and shrimp farming systems

. Trace Minerals, Vitamins, Immune Activators, Herbal Prophylatives & Lactobacillus Digestive Bacteria for Shrimps & Fish

• Enhances Disease resistance, Aid to recover from disease quickly, Digestion Capacity & increases growth and survival

. Reduces Stress & disease risk

Selenium element strengthens immunity through its conversion as selenoprotein Selenium in addition with Vitamin E & plyphenols, Herbal amla It acts synergistically as anti-oxidant by capturing reactive free radicals produced during various metabolic process

Prebiotic Mannan Oligosaccharide and fructose Oligosaccharide act as medium for bacteria Lactobacilus sporogenes colonizes in the intestine for the effective use of nutrients. It also inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. This makes the aquatic animal in to high growth in quick time.

Dosage & Application

Feed Application (For Aquaculture) 2g-3g/1kg

Application - Mix with 100ml water for 1kg of feed on daily basis as treatment for 3 continuous days & weekly once dosage as prevention

Dosage for Aquarium-water application 1g/100L water