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Easy Life

Easy Life Easy Start Aquarium Beneficial Bacterial For Both Fresh and Salt Water Aquarium 500ML

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EasyStart is a natural filter starter

Its objective is to quickly purify and stabilize the water when cycling a new freshwater or marine aquarium, so that it is suitable for fish.

EasyStart is a unique combination of highly active bacteria cultures. The unique bacteria carrier ensures an accelerated increase in useful bacteria, so that, for example, the creation of poisonous nitrite can be avoided. It also helps to reduce the effects of harmful bacteria and rids the water of heavy metals and other chemical contamination. The result is a healthy aquarium with lively fish which have vibrant colours.

Usage of Easy-Life EasyStart

  • Shake well and ad immediately
  • The cloudiness of the water will disappear after a couple of hours.
  • After opening, store in a cool, dark place..


Weekly : 10 ml per 50 litres of water 


Tips for usage

On the first day   Full dosage   10 ml per 50 litres
After a week      Full dosage    10 ml per 50 litres

After 2 weeks    Full dosage     10 ml per 50 litres

To prevent / in case of a nitrite peak  Full dosage every day  10 ml per 50 literes

After day 14 you can use Easy-Life Filter Medium for regular maintanance.