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Easy Life

Easy Life Liquid Filter Medium For Crystal Clear Water and Fish Growth and Health and Colour 250ML

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The ultimate water treatment that does not contain chemicals

Easy-Life Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market. It can be used to make water crystal clear. It is used for water preparation, as well as a maintenance product, a stimulator (e.g. for plant growth) and a prophylaxis (to prevent infections). It effectively solves a wide range of freshwater and saltwater problems. Furthermore, it is made from 100% natural products and is extremely safe to use.

Fresh water aquarium

Easy-Life FM can be used in any aquarium:

  • planted aquariums
  • Discus aquariums
  • Malawi- und Tanganjika Aquariums

Brighter colours and improved appetit

Fish become a lot healthier when Easy-Life is present. They will have an improved appetite and become more active. The fish will show their colours much better than before. The loss of appetite is often related to an intestine problem, which usually finds its root in stress. Easy-Life tackles these problems very effectively.

Easy fishkeeping

Sensitive fish like Apistogramma and Discus are clearly troubled by even the smallest amounts of chemicals. Easy-Life absorbs all those unwanted elements. The product improves the water quality immensely and stabilizes it. The completely natural Easy-Life solves all kinds of problems and prevents them as well. Without bringing any chemicals or foreign bacteria into your precious aquarium ! Easy-Life makes fishkeeping much easier.

Stress : main cause of fish diseases

Even the smallest traces of contaminants that often are present in the water (like heavy metals, ammonium, PCB's), can cause fish to get severe environmental stress. Stress is truly the number one cause of fish diseases. It lowers the resistance, which could easily result in fish illnesses. Easy-Life works in various ways to counteract and elimate stress. Easy-Life has a great capability to purify the water, whereby contaminants that cause stress in the first place are removed. Additionally a part of Easy-Life contains particles that exhibit a direct relaxing effect on all living beings in the water. Thus Easy-Life is a very efficient solution to all stress related problems. Think about the stress that fish must experience during relocation. Fish death is not uncommon during transport and quarantine.

Water: Air for Fish

Easy-Life removes toxic substances from the water. It will purify the water completely and make it crystal clear. An outstanding water quality is imperative to prevent fish diseases and to let all living beings thrive without any problems. Another effect of Easy-Life is that it continually adds small amounts of oxygen to the water, which is one of the key elements to keep the water quality high and stable during relocation. What clean, fresh air means to people, clean water is of the highest importance for all water inhabitants


Growth enhancement of plants

Easy-Life fertilizes plants. It brings essential minerals and trace elements into the water. Furthermore, Easy-Life works in such a way that more nutrients, that already are present in the water column, become available to plants. An additional reason for a better growth of plants can be found in the fact that the product induces an enormous increase of microbiological activity in the tank. The plants will benefit from this, especially in the areas around their roots. Because of the higher microbiological activity in the bottom of the aquarium, the bottom material (e.g. sand or gravel) will not degenerate and become rotten anymore. In fact it will be rejuvenated.

Break down of nitrite

Nitrite is very toxic for fish and when a new aquarium is set up, the levels of nitrite tend to rise rapidly. The filter is not mature enough to breakdown this particular compound. By using Easy-Life, the presence of nitrite in the aquarium often can not be detected anymore. Apparently the biological activity is the water is big enough to remove nitrite. In other cases however nitrite will be present, but by the fast growth of bacteria due to Easy-life, the level of nitrite will drop rapidly after days. This way it shortens the maturing of the aquarium dramatically.

Chlorine and chloramine

Some areas have higher levels of chlorine / chloramine in their tap water. Easy-Life will need some time to absorb chlorine(compounds). At concentrations of more than 4 ppm Cl : wait about 8 hours to give the product the chance to absorb these particular contaminants.


Dosage and Use

One of the key features is that it enhances and stabilizes the water quality in micro-water systems like aquariums and ponds. Easy-Life has proven again and again that that is possible in a completely natural way, without needing any chemicals or bacteria.

Important remark

Easy-Life improves and stabilizes the water quality very effectively. Using this product, the frequency of water changes can drop dramatically. Some aquarists haven't done any water changes or filter maintenance for longer periods of time, without any problems. However we really recommend you to perform a regular water change every month and regularly take care of your filter system.


Step 1: Determine the correct dosage

Maintenance of all types of aquaria
First time usage
Full dosage: 10 ml per 30 litres of water
Monthly maintenance
Full dosage: 10 ml per 30 litres of water
Water change
Full dosage for refill water (10 ml per 30 litres)
Small problems
Slight stress, discomfort, fish becoming darker in colour, timid and nervous fish, slight contamination of the water
Double dosage (10 ml per 15 litres of water) and, if necessary, repeat the treatment a day later
More serious problems, quarantine and transport
Serious stress, bacterial infections (fin rot, sticky fins, internal and/or external injuries), damage to the skin mucous, heavy contamination of the water, fungi, after medical treatment, during (long-distance) transport and quarantine
Triple dosage(10 ml per 10 litres of water) and, if necessary, repeat the treatment a day later

Step 2: Shake the bottle very well and add immediately - filters

First shake the bottle very well, and then add the product immediately after. You don't need to switch off the UV water clearer and/or protein skimmer during or after Easy-Life is added to the water.

Step 3: Turbid effect & clearing times

Easy-Life Filter Medium is a very powerful product. You can actually see the product working in the water. After the addition of Easy-Life the water goes cloudy, which means that the product is working. The more contaminants are present in the water, the longer this turbidity will last. Thus the period of time that the water needs to clear up, is a very good indication of the water quality. Anyway, the turbidity will disappear after some time and is of course completely harmless..

The normal clearing time for aquariums is 4 - 16 hours. Heavily polluted aquariums can prolong this clearing time up to 48-72 hours.


Packaging quantities

100 ml - 250 ml - 500 ml - 1,000 ml


Tips for usage of Easy-Life Filter Medium

A single full dosage = 10 ml per 30 litres

Overdosing: no problem!
When Easy-Life Filter Medium is added with a double dosage, then its capacity of removing contaminants has doubled as well. This means that Easy-Life works quicker and more efficiently at an overdosage. However, one never needs more than a triple dosage for certain purposes, like the removal of medicine residue. For most purposes a single dosage will suffice. Because the product is 100% natural and safe, overdosages have no detrimental side-effects. On the contrary, the fish, the useful bacteria, the biofilter, the plants or corals, welcome Easy-Life in the water. Furthermore, the product is also safe for children and is therefore far ahead of current legislation.
Damage of the slime coat
When fish have a damaged slime coat, then use a double or triple dosage. The slime coat will heal within days and bacterial infections are avoided. When the fish was already infected, then Easy-Life will cure this infection by neutralizing the harmful bacteria that caused it. Easy-Life thus fights the cause of infection, thereby saving the lives of many fish.
Shy fish, dark colours
A single dosage is enough to make the fish much less shy. This shyness often finds its root in poor water quality. The fish don't feel very well and colours fade, and a kind of stress gets hold of them. Easy-Life improves the water quality immensely, which results in vital, bright colouring fish.
Growth enhancement of plants
When you are using the product for the first time, then add a dosage of Easy-Life two times (day 1 and day 7). Then add a normal dosage monthly. That way you will see excellent growth results. Easy-Life can be used next to CO2 and Fe fertilizers without any problems. Keep in mind that certain plants do need Fe2+ and Easy-Life does not provide that. By the application of Easy-Life it is a big advantage that the use of other fertilizers can be greatly reduced or even be stopped completely.
Fast maturing of new fresh water and marine tanks
Add a single dosage at the beginning and again after 3 weeks. The aquarium will mature very rapidly, usually without a nitrite peak.
Growth of live rock / corals
When you are using the product for the first time, then add a dosage of Easy-Life two times (day 1 and day 7). Then add a normal dosage monthly. That way the live rock will grow like never before. If you have a problem that corals are growing slowly or not at all, this doesn't mean that you can't do anything about it. On the contrary. This problem can have several causes, like e.g. the presence of copper traces in the water. Easy-Life improves the water quality immensely and removes all kinds of growth-inhibiting contaminants. The product really boosts your marine tank.
Copper in the water
A single dosage of Easy-Life binds copper and other heavy metals in relatively large quantities.
Purchase of fish, lower animals: stress
Use normal dosage to prevent stress and bacterial infections. In case of heavy stress, to prevent the death of fish and lower animals : use a double dosage. This way, bacterial infections and stress are prevented and wounds will heal very fast. Problems like sticky fins are easily solved by Easy-Life.
Use with medication
Do not use medication in conjunction with Easy-Life. Easy-Life will (partly) neutralize the proper working of the medication. In cases whereby the water is already treated with Easy-Life, do the following : - Change about half the water - Add the medication That way the medical residue will be removed, the water quality will improve rapidly and the fish recover quickly.
Power failure
Use a single dosage of the product. Keep an eye on the important water parameters (nitrite, ammonium). Easy-Life actually works similarly during power failure as it does during relocation. Animals can someti-mes be on the way for 24-48 hours during import and export. How Easy-Life works to keep the animals healthy and alive, read this : Transport.
Transport - Quarantine - Import - Export
Add a normal dosage of Easy-Life. A lot of fish and lower animals have been saved by using Easy-Life during transport and quarantine. Prevent the unnecessary death of fish and lower animals without having the need to use any chemicals!