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DiscusFood Anti Tox 500ml - Immediately Absorbs Toxic Pollutants

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Anti Tox – liquid filter medium which absorb toxic pollutants immediately

Anti Tox contains highly quality zeolites, which are ideal for the rapid removal of toxic water pollutants, in the event of a filter system breakdown or the basic conditioning of fresh water

Anti Tox binds heavy metals like copper, zinc and cadmium, also ammonium, chlorine and other pollutants.
acts, among other things, as a care tonic, water conditioner, preventive protector, appetite stimulator, breeding promoter and water clarifier
supports the performance of the biofilter
preserves the immune system in natural way
contains no chemicals or bacteria,
100 % natural

Anti Tox is a suspension. During prolonged storage, the highly effective, fine zeolites settle at the bottom of the bottle. For a good distribution in the bottle, PLEASE SHAKE IT FOR 40 SECONDS! After adding to the aquarium, a slight milky cloudiness sets in. This is intentional and indicates an even distribution of the active substances in the water body. An overdose is not expected when used properly.

At every water change, add 10 ml of Anti Tox per 100 liters of fresh water. Between water changes, the optimal dosage is 5 ml with low stocking, 10 ml with normal stocking and 20 ml with high stocking density per 100 liters of aquarium water. The frequency of application depends solely on the water quality.

Packaging sizes:
125 ml bottle (item no. 25402) for 1250 ltrs,
500 ml bottle (item no. 25405) for 5000 ltrs,
5000 ml canister (item no. 25450) for 50000 ltrs