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EIHO Anti Fungus & Finrot 120ml

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EIHO ANTI FUNGUS & FINROT treat bacteria infection cause by Aermonas, Psuedomonas, Bacterium and Fexibacter. It is effective for tropical fish, goldfish, discus, koi and cichlid.

Symptoms of these bacteria disease include:
- fin rot (eating away of fins). fins may appear opaque and blood streak. It is important to treat early as it can spread to other fish and cause death at later stage.
-mouth rot ( erosion of mouth )
-Cotton wool disease (cotton wool on the skin or gills. (usually, a secondary infection when the fish health is poor.)

Bacteria , fungus outbreak can be trigger by poor water conditions,so it is important to deal with the cause to prevent recurrence. Improve water conditions by performing water change regularly

2drop for 1 liter      1 cap (5ml) for 25 liters

Dissolve fully in warm water before introducing treatment to aquarium.Remove activated carbon during treatment. Perform half water change and add half dosage of medication for every three day until improvement is seen.