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Hulx Black Goldfish Food Sinking Pellets for Big Muscle & Mass Weight Gain, Whey Mixed High Protein 60% Fish Food Growth Fast Formula 1.32 Lb.(600 Gram.) 1mm, Healthy, Color Enhancing Clear Water Fish Feed

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HULX Goldfish Food Sinking Pellets For Big Muscle & Mass Gain Whey Mixed High Protein 60% Growth Fast Formula Fish Feed 1.32 Lb. High Quality Goldfish Food & Nutrition Mixed Special High Protein 60% HULX You can see how Different with Goldfish in 14 day. (Thin body to Fat & Big body, Good health, Very growth fast 1 inch in 30 day, Beautiful color & Shine skin ) (**TEST RESULTS OF THE 10000+ FISH @ THAILAND FISH FARM**) HULX has Microorganism Probiotic for Good HEALTH & CLEAR water aquarium. HULX’s Sinking Fish food pellets. Because Insoluble in water Promote healthy fish, beautiful colors, do not cause waste or sediment in water & water, have good quality long time

WHY HULX ? = If you need Very Big Body & Muscle Goldfish.


  • Whey protein & Albumin Plus Egg Protein : Serves Build muscle & big body , growth fast.
  • Smell good : Fish oil high omega3
  • Shine & Beautiful skin : Protein extract oad wheat with Amino acids. Need to build collagen.
  • Wounds heal faster : Protein extract from soy to enrich with Amino acids. Strengthen muscles.
  • Color Enhance: Seaweed & Mussel meal.
  • Increase immunity & Probiotics with Guar gum
  • Yummy : Fish is like a child & also like that taste sweet aroma of honey.
  • Clear & Clean water : Powder from create microorganisms in intestine.


How to Feed

Feed 2-4 times daily with HULX (FAST BIG BODY, BIG MUSCLE & MORE FAT)


Min. Crude Protein 60% Min. Crude Fat 8%

Max. Crude Fiber 6% Max. Moisture 10%

HULX’s Sinking Fish food pellets. Because Insoluble in water
Goldfish Food and Nutrition Whey Mixed Special High Protein 60% Fish Feed
CLEAR WATER FORMULA: Size 1 MM. HULX’s Sinking Fish Food Pellets are Insoluble in water