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Lifesonic General Hardness (GH) Test Kit For Aquarium 100 Tests

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    • Applicability:

      Fresh Water,Salt Water,Drinking Water,Industrial water,Pond water,Planted Aquarium

    • No. of tests per kit:

      100, 200,250 (or as per customer's requirement)

    • Reading ability:

      0-400 PPM, 2-40 PPM, 25-500 PPM as CaCO3(or as per customer's requirement)

    • Expiry date : 3 years from the Mfg.
    • Test methodology: EDTA Titration method (Three bottle system)
    • Things provided in box: Reagent Bottles 3
    • GH reagent A : 10ml
      GH reagent 1 : 10ml
      GH reagent 2 : 32ml
      Colour matching chart: 1
      Test Vial : 1 (8 ml capacity)
               Syringe: 1 (2 ml capacity)

Product description

Iron is present in nature in the form of its oxides, or in combination with silicon or sulfur. The soluble Iron content of surface waters rarely exceeds 1 mg/L, while ground waters often contain higher concentrations. The Indian Drinking Water Standard for iron is 0.3 mg/L, as Iron concentrations in excess of 0.3 mg/L impart a foul taste and cause staining. High concentrations in surface waters can indicate the presence of industrial effluents or runoff. Higher iron content of water also affects the wildlife life fish, prawns etc. specially in closed systems like biofloc or RAS systems. Test your water with Lifesonic Iron test kit before using the water to safeguard your health and the health of your livestock.

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