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MasterLine II Macro Aquarium Plant Fertilizer 500ML

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MasterLine2 Macro Fertiliser 500ml

MasterLine II is a fertilizing formula with macro nutrients that ensures the daily requirement of the plants but also a percentage over, allowing a small accumulation.

It offers an accelerated growth rate especially in aquariums with active soil but also in aquariums with inert gravel.

Content: 0.81% N, 0.20% P, 4.8% K, 0.36% Mg

It is recommended to use MasterLine II together with

MasterLine I and MasterLine Carbo. Thus, the aquatic plants will receive all the nutrients necessary for a healthy growth.

It contributes to the prevention of algae such as GSA, BGA but also Staghorn.

Weekly water changes, between 30% and 50% are recommended.


1 ml for 30 liters daily, or 7 ml for 30 liters weekly
1 ml for 30 liters adds 1.20 ppm NO3, 0.2 ppm PO4, 1.6 ppm K, 0.12 ppm Mg