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MasterLine Purity Aquarium Filter Media for Crystal Clear Water

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The MasterLine Purity is a filter medium that ensures clear water and also prevents algae formation in the water. The filter medium absorbs organic matter from the water. They arise when uneaten food, faeces, dead plant remains or even dead animals are metabolised by bacteria. The filter medium may have a specific odour, but this is common. If the filter medium is loaded with organic substances, the colour of the granulate slowly changes to brown. The more intense the colour becomes, the more organic matter was filtered out of the water. This is a sign that the filter medium needs to be regenerated.


  • prevention of algae formation
  • Reduces organic matter dissolved in water by absorbing
  • Ensures clear water
  • Fighting Algae problems



Dosage per 100 litres of water
Daily dosage 100 ml Purity

The filter medium is filled into a thin bag, then rinsed with water and put into the filter. The bag is not included in the delivery and can be purchased separately.

The dosage recommendation is only a guideline. The dosage of the fertilizer can be reduced or increased depending on the aquarium to achieve optimal results.


Do not take the filter medium.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Storage You wet the product in a sealed container.