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Step 1: Preparation of 100L of seawater with 1.0ppm phosphate content.

The tests cannot be conducted in an actual aquarium with livestock because phosphate is constantly generated by the animals. Hence we prepare the testing environment using Tricalcium phosphate.

We add 326.6mg of Tricalcium phosphate into 100L of seawater to bring the phosphate level to 1.0ppm (±0.03)

Step 2: Testing procedures

1. We place 60ml of the absorbents into the testing tanks, with medium water flow provided by a Gyre pump.

2. Three (3) water samples from each testing tank were collected every 24 hours for 8 days, we take the average reading of the three water samples

Step 3: Results


500 ml (17 fl oz) will remove 3 ppm of phosphate from a 2000 liters (528 gallons) marine/reef aquarium


To establish a controlled environment for Phosphate Absorption Rate Test, we’ve prepared three tanks with 100L of seawater, all containing 1.0ppm (±0.03) of phosphate.

※ Tank A: 100L of seawater with 60ml of Iron-Based Absorbent
※ Tank B: 100L of seawater with 60ml of Aluminum-Based Absorbent
※ Tank C: 100L of seawater with 60ml of Nano-Tech Phosphree
※ Photometer used to test for phosphate: Hanna HI97713 Phosphate Low-Range Portable Photometer