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Nika Anti Chlorine 28ML - Aquarium Tap Water Safe Chlorine Remover

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This is an economic, concentrated packing of Anti-Chlorine preparation. A bottle of 29ml treats approximately 1300 litres (280 Imp. Gallons) of fresh tap water.

– Neutralized harmful chlorine in tap-water immediately upon usage

– Creates most natural water condition for fishes

Treats approx. 1300 litres 280 Imp. Gallons 330 U.S. gallons

Dosage: 2 drops to 4.5 litres (1 Imp. Gallon or 1.2 U.S gallons) fresh tap water (1ml to approx. 45 litres or 10 Imp. Gallons or 12 U.S gallons)

Note: One capful of this bottle = 2ml (1ml = 24 drops)