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Ocean Free FH - 150 Milli Litre Flower Horn Treatment

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FH1 Flower horn Special Disease Away:
Special Flower Horn Disease Away is the latest breakthrough in the Ocean Free medication series to prevent and act against a large range of Flower Horn diseases causing organism Dieseases include hexamita, gill diseases, bacteria infestation, fungus attack, sparazon, external parasites, external lesions, prorozoa(costia, chilodonella, trichoding etc), crustacea (argulus, lernaea) This medication is safe and easy to use and recommended to use as preventive measure for your fish It is a disinfectant as well to improve water quality Excellent medication to be used for dip treatment of fishes and aquatic plants Special formulated for the Flower Horn(Raj Cichild) family

When to use:
Quarantine for new arrived fishes. Prevent common Flower Horn diseases. Treatment for gill diseases, fungus attack, external bacteria and parasitical infection. Dip treatment for external bacteria , fungus, parasitical infections and gill diseases. Removal od dissolved and suspended organic materials

Dip Treatment: Add 25ml per 10 liters of water for no longer than 5mins
Tank Treatment: Add 5ml per 10 liters of water which 30% of water change is recommended after 3 hrs of treatment
Preventive use: Add 1ml per 10 liters of water (cap provided holdes 15ml). Do not overdose

FH2 Flower horn Ulcer and Internal bacteria away:
Internal bacteria infection or ulcer do cause sudden death of Flower horn Cichlids.Some deaths do not even show symptoms.Special Flower horn ulcer and bacteria away is one of the most advance remedy aganist such infestation and stop its spreading as well.Less toxic than other commercial medications and doesnot color aquarium Water.Proven harmless to allotropical fishes, filter bacteria and aquatic plants.Best use for Flower Horn(Raja Cichlid) family

When To use:
Visible open sores (Ulcer). Loss of Natural colours of fish. Popping eye. Loss of urge to eat. Dropsy. Appearance of red streak. Rotting of gills and clamping fins

Add 1 milli litre per 10 litres of water (Cap Provided holds 15 milli litre). Do not overdose

FH3 Flower horn White Spot, Slime And Velvet Away:
Small amount of harmful bacteria and gill/skin parasites are always present in the tank water.These entities will attack the flower horn cichild when the fish is under stress This will indefinitely harm the fish during its acclimatization period.This special formulated mediocation is to tackle such incidents Proven harmless to all tropical fishes, filter bacteria and aquatic plants Best use for Flower Horn (raja Cichild) family

When to use:
Flower Horn parking near water surface or tank corner. Abnornal gill breathing rate. Fish rubbing or flicking against objects. Fish not active or not eating. White spots visible on fins or body. Coat of slime appearing on eye, skin and gills

Add 1ml per 10 liters of water(Cap provided holds 15ml). Do not overdose

FH4 Fungus and external Bacteria away:
Treats Flowerhorn related diseases such as fin rot, cotton wool disease, fungus attack, ragged fins and mouth rot. 150 ml treats 1500 litres of water.Widely used by serious hobbyists, Cichlid breeders and experts for treatment and prevention purpose

When to Use:
Rotting of fin/body or mouth. Fungus attack of fin/body or mouth. Bloody streaks and sores in fin or tail. Ragged fins. To cure and prevent egg fungus

Add 1 milli litre per 10 litres of water (Cap Provided holds 15 milli litre). Do not overdose