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Ocean Free

Ocean Free XO Super Redsyn 100g Flowerhorn Fish Food For Colour

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Ocean Free Super Redsyn, 120g

OCEAN-FREE - XO Super Redsyn 100G  Quantity: 100G Feeding will induce greater development of head growth and contoured shape. Redness of fish body can be more evident. (Also suitable for other FlowerHorn cichlid breed). Special Features: Ocean-Free XO Super Redsyn is the total special formulated fish feed that will induce speedy head growth for the generation Redsyn FlowerHorn Breeds. Shape of the head growth and redness will also improve though constant feeding. Feed is high protein so as to help fish grow at a faster rate and improving head growth. High content of Spirulina and high-grade special color enhancement ingredients that will improve the fish's colors in 2-3 weeks period. Special immune substance added to increase fish's resistance against diseases.

Ingredients: Special Head Growth Enhancing Ingredient, Fish Protein, White Fish Meal, Krill, Spirulina, Wheat Germ, Dried Yeast, Wheat Flour, Antarctic Shrimps, Protease, Stable Multi-Vitamin and Mineral, Lecithin, Immune Substance, Calcium, Enzyme, Organic Minerals.