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Reef Revolution

Reef Revolution Probio Blast

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Reef Revolution Bio Blast Uses A Combination Of Nitrifying And Denitrifying Bacteria. This Means It Is Ideal For Not Only Starting Up New Systems But Also Maintaining Them.

Benefits Of Pro-Bio Blast

Reef Revolution’s Pro-Bio Blast Is A Highly Concentrated Blend Of Nitrifying & Denitrifying Bacteria Strains To Maintain Stability And Quickly Converts NH3>NO2-N02> NO3 Then N03>Nitrogen Gas.

Best Used As A Daily Probiotic To Keep A Healthy Bacteria Population And To Promote Stable Parameters To Avoid Fish Death And Coral Bleaching.

Suitable For All Types Of Marine Aquariums.

Pro Bio Blast Is A 3 Step Solution.

Step 1:

Nitrifying Bacteria Converts Toxic Ammonia Into Nitrite And Then The Least Toxic Form Of Nitrate.

Step 2:

Denitrifying Bacteria Converts Nitrate Into A Gas Form That Can Then Be Expelled From Your Tank Reducing Nitrate Levels And Sludge In General.

Step 3:

Pro-Biotic To Keep Bacteria Healthy.


Pro-Bio Blast Can Be Used To Accelerate The Cycling Process On A New Aquarium

Pro-Bio Blast Can Be Used For Both Freshwater And Marine Systems


  • Nitrifying Bacteria
  • Denitrifying Bacteria