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Reptile Pro

Reptile-Pro DAYLIGHT Heat Lamp For Replites Provides UVA and UVB

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Reptile-Pro DAYLIGHT Heat Lamp-75W

The bulb gives out heat that reptiles require throughout the day. ReptilePro Daylight Heat Lamp is an extremely high performance lamp which provides UVA visible light, heat and UVB.

The bulb will help prevent metabolic bone disease through the provision of UVA and UVB radiation. Through UVA radiation, it stimulates cellular growth, reproductive behaviour and appetite. Through UVB, it helps to regulate the synthesis of Vitamin D3, which is vital to calcium metabolism.

Benefits and Features:

  •  Provides heat for thermoregulation
  • Mimics heat and light of the sun
  •   Reptile are provided with UVA rays