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Single Nozzle Loc-Line 25 mm, Adjustable Pipe

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This is very flexible and allows you to adjust your flow to anywhere you need it.  You can easily modify this setup any time you want my taking it apart and adding different nozzles or more segments of hose.  It helps to have the tool so check out my store for more details.

 Accelerate the water flow speed to increase the water flow in aquariums


Ajustable flow direction

Aquariums with circulated water movement develop many beneficial events.

Heat distributed.  

Currents offer slight resistance for fishes swimming. 

Circulating fresh, oxygen-rich water. 

Effective removing debris and particles through mechanical filtration. 


Benefits of Flow Accelerator: 

  1. Multiply the power of pumped water. Simply increases aquarium water movement.
  2. Easy-to-install Flow Accelerator increases water flow speed.
  3. Flexible ball socket neck allows you to direct aquarium water movement.
  4. High quality, durable plastic construction.