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Aquatic Remedies

Stori Multi Purpose Turmeric Infused Multi Vitamin for Fish, Birds and Tortoise, 30ML | Improve Colour, Immunity and Growth | Pack of 2 * 30ML - 60ML…

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Fish Care :

Exclusive combination of vitamin complex, amino acids, and minerals combined with curcumin extract. It acts as all in one compound while supplying most wide range of benefits in one formula. Vitamin complex improves color and health of all fish. Aminoacids regulate physiological activity and enhances growth. Minerals regulate the osmotic balance in water and encourage the health of all type of fish as same as in the natural habitats. Curcumin extract enhances immunity and give resistance against variety of diseases.

Dosage :By feed application - 2 drops per spoon full of feed (or) 0.5 ml/15 gram of feed for 2 times/week.

Birds Care :

The combination of vital Vitamins, Minerals, Amino-acids and added turmeric curcumin extract improves the health of feathers,eyes, and body. Improves the breeding capacity and increases the immunity in birds. Naturally enhances color of the feathers and increases disease resistance. The Vitamins and Minerals helps with good body growth, improves molting and re-growth of feathers, The advanced formulation of this innovative supplement, easily dissolve in water and can be administered through water.

Dosage : By Water application - 20 drops or 1 ml for 300 ml of drinking water for 3 times/week.

Tortoise Care :

Tortoise in captivity lack vitamins, minerals and other supplements Stori Multi-purpose, Multi-vitamins fulfill the dietary requirement as in stable form. Contains both micro and macro minerals increase the metabolic activity to improve the growth and health. Vitamins reduces stress and increase the immunity of the tortoise It plays a important role in bone formation, allowing the body to absorbs calcium. It maintains the proper balance of calcium and phosphorus Prevent soft shell and aids to recover the shell damages.

Dosage : By feed application - 3 drops per spoon full of feed (or) 0.5 ml/15 gram of feed for 2-3 times/week.