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Sunsun JQP-1000F Multi-Function Submersible Filtration Pump 14W 1000L/Hr

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Sunsun JQP-1000F Multi-Function Submersible Filtration Pump 

This product has low power consumption, strong power and reliable operation, suitable for crafts, small aquariums, etc.
- The shell and external contact parts are made of acid-resistant and salt-resistant materials, suitable for use in salt, acid and alkaline environments.
- Built-in double-layer filter cotton for efficient filtration of impurities.
- Strong oxygenation effect, adjustable oxygenation direction and gas volume, easy to use.
- The water filter cover can be freely disassembled according to the water depth, and can be used separately. It is multi-purpose and practical.
- Users can replace the filter material according to their own needs, with more diversity
                     Model :          JQP-1000
                    Voltage :          110V/220V/240V
                    Frequency :           50Hz/60Hz
                    Power :            14W
                    H-max :           1.4m
                    Output :           1000L/H
                    Hose Adapter :            16mm