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SunSun Submersible Pump | HQB 3500 (Wet&Dry Pump)

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HQB-3500 advanced submersible pump

Parameters Voltage: 110/220/240V

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Power: 85W

Head: 3.5m

Flow: 3000L / H

Weight: 1.6kg

Size: 153 * 105 * 135mm (manual measurement, it is inevitable a little error)

Power cord length: 2.7 m


Connecting hose nozzle head is pointed vertically upwards straightened, water can be pumped to a height, head 3.5 m refers to straighten the hose length is less than 3.5 m, the outlet from the pump to the highest-end distance of the water hoses, Suppose if your rockery need pumping to three meters high, then this will fit, and 3.5 m above the inappropriate oh. The distance of around head, water will be a corresponding smaller oh.



For light, seawater aquarium of various types, ecological cylinders, breeding tank, landscaping cylinders, half cylinders of water filtration biochemical and garden use.

* Fully submersible, energy saving, durable, safe ultra-quiet.

* Freshwater, brackish apply.

* Used in aquarium and fountain spray decorative works.

* Never wear ceramic shaft using special durable.



1. Before using the pump user must first check the pump nameplate rated voltage standard voltage is consistent with the actual use
2. Pump power cord can not be replaced, as found in the use of the power cord is damaged, it must not continue to use.
3. When installing or removing and cleaning the pump, you must unplug the power cord, turn off the power, to ensure safety
4. The need regular cleaning filters blue flowers, to ensure the normal water and good filtering effect
5. These pumps must work into the water, can not let the water pump idling outside, to avoid hurting the pump
6. Protect the pump, if severe collision, check the pump is broken, such as broken, please stop using it immediately.