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Tropica Nutrition Capsules, 10 Capsules

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Product description

Tropica Nutrition Capsules are a capsuled bottom fertilizer that enhances strong and healthy growth in your plants. Tropica Nutrition Capsules can be used for all kinds of plants and are also great for replenishing the nutrients in soil substrates that have been in the tank for a while. These capsules dissolve slowly, giving off their nutrients. Characteristics Nutrition Capsules contain nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and micronutrients. They release their nutrients slowly as the plants require them. Nutrition Capsules are ideal for stem plants, Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus, Vallisneria and so on - for all plants with a massive root system. Use Nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, manganese and all important micronutrients are give off within one or two months. Place the capsules near the roots of large solitary plants or plants with a massive root system. They will not decompose entirely. The small balls contained in the capsules will remain in the substrate after all the nutrients have been given off. They consist of a resin that is harmless for plants and animals. Content: 10 capsules


  • contain nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and micronutrients
  • slowly gives off the nutrients to the plants
  • ideal for plants with a massive root system
  • for perfect plant growth.