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Aquatic Remedies Wild Golden Hump Flowerhorn Fish Food 100G

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About The Product

[2 mm, 4 mm – 46% Protein] / Floating feed / Coated probiotic.
UNAS nutritional concenpts:
• Krill calcium for natural head hump
• Organic spirulina with phycocyanin and carotenoids
• With capsanthin and capsorubin
• Paprka oleoresin
• Astaxanthine oil droplets
• Fortified with bacillus subtilis.natto digestive bacteria.
Science & development of WILD Golden Hump fish feed:
WILD Golden hump feed is the naturistic blend of carefully chosen raw material with the high nutritional profile developed with Unique Nutrition Assessment System (UNAS) for flowerhorn species by studying the basic requirement of nutritive elements and then formulate the diet.
Bio –technologically engineered natural ingredients:
To induce specific multi color coding with accordance to the genetical mapping of particular flowerhorn variety. So whatever natural color the species carrying will be exhibited as natural as it should be.

Ingredients: Peru/chile premium fish meal, fish protein hydrolysates, wheat flour, krill meal, soy meal, yeast powder, soy lecithin, fish oil stabilized vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin A, astaxanthine, natural calcium supplements, organic spirulina, bacillus subtilis natto bacteria, nucleotide additive, carotenoids, paprika oleoresin in combination of capsanthin&capsorubin, xanthophyll, Zeaxanthine, mineral supplements, anti-oxidents, essential amino acids, Tageteserecta flower extract phycocyanin, omega-3 fatty acids, and inositol.

Nutritional Value: Crude Protein – 46, Crude fat – 5%, Crude fibre – 4%, Crude ash – 12%, and moisture – 10 %

Feeding Instruction: Feeding 2 to 3 times a day the amount your fish should consume in few minutes. Remove uneaten feed after feeding time. Do not over feed.

Content: 100 g