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Billion Bacteria BACFLOC Bio Floc Probiotic Shrimp Special 500g

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About The Product

Billion Bacteria BACFLOC Bio Floc Probiotic Shrimp special 500g

  • Bacfloc BP is concentrated probiotic spores supplies bio floc system bacterial colony
  • Combination of carefully chosen heterotrophic bacteria colonize the faeces, dead organisms & uneaten feed to produce bacterial biomass which can be eaten again by shrimps
  • Reduces COD, BOD, Ammonia & Nitrogen
  • Increase Nutrient availability, water quality, plankton growth, shrimp growth & survival • Regenerates Lipids, protein, carbohydrate & nitrogen into bacterial biomass


Bio floc-100g/10000L of water

Fish Farm-500g/ 1 Hectare pond

(For Farm us dilute it in large volume of water and disperse evenly in pond)