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YEE 3 In 1 MultiLayer Noiseless Hydroponics Type Hang On Filter For Planted Aquarium Fish Tank With Surface Skimmer ( Planting Version ) (YHS-672 | 8Watts | 500L/Hr | Suits 30-80Cm Tank)(Plants not included)

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1. With filterable and plantable biochemical cotton, the feeding and planting can be combined into one, and fish and grass can be co raised to create an ecosystem 2. Create an ecological aquarium 3. Simulated natural waterfall filtering effect 4. Automatic floating, oil remover 5. The module filter box is forced to filter, and the filtering effect is more refined characteristic Flow adjustable water regulator, easy control of water volume The position of the filter can be adjusted to fix the function of filtering and, which is convenient to use Each part of the filter can be disassembled independently, which makes cleaning more convenient

  • [ Plantable Fish Tank Filter ] Our aquarium filters are designed to grow hydroponic plants and the constant water flow will bring nutrients and water to plants. Growing plants inside the filter will turn your monotonous aquarium filter into a aquaponics system that makes your home come alive!
  • [ High-Flow Filtration ] The high flow rate filtering effect makes the cloudy fish tank crystal clear and clean.The filter contains oil skimmer and 2 activated carbon filter cotton, which will filter the water to provide a clean and healthy living environment for your fish!
  • [ Ultra-quiet Aquarium Filter ] The external filter is designed to be ultra-quiet, allowing for quiet pumping and draining while working. It gives your family a quiet environment while filtering fish tank water efficiently without disturbing your beautiful dreams.
  • [Oxygenation and Protection] The waterfall design of the filter port can increase the contact area with the air to achieve oxygenation. The water pump is also thoughtful enough to add foam sponge to prevent your small fish from being sucked away by the pump.
  • Note : Plants Not Included