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Aquatic Remedies ALGI-NIL,100g | Natural Algae Controller for Koi, Tropical, Indoor, Gardening Pond

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About The Product

Control Pond Algae Naturally (TIY - Try it yourself method)

By this product Alginil we will guide you how to prevent algae naturally in your pond. Algae in pond triggered by many way including direct sun light, excess organic load(caused by excess food and irregular water change) such as nitrogen and phosphates. For sun light prevention grow lotus or water lilly plants the ponds hence it will make shade to the pond surface and also these plants uses nitrogen & phosphates for their growth hence reduces the algae. Reduced feeding and frequent scheduled water change also control algae. Also you shall use UV sterilizer to be fitted with your pond re-circulation pump will reduce the free floating algae in the water. For the algae in the substrate, stones and pond bottom you shall introduce few plecos (algae eating fish) to prevent the algae.

What does Alginil do for algae

Alginil controls algae naturally as in regular use. It contains special blend of bacteria and it's enzymes, uses the excess nutrients in the pond as their food hence limit the food source for algae. it reduces ammonia and nitrites by de-nitrification process. The active enzymes bio-degrade the dead algae matter. Reduces water contamination. Degrade uneaten food, and fish wastes. Removes hydrogen sulphide, and odor. Improves fish survival rate & reduces the disease risk. Oxidizes heavy metals such as iron and Lead.


Dosage: 1 gram equal to 1 spoon (provided inside) for 200 litre of tank. Dissolve in cup of water and disperse in pond and filter