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Aquatic Remedies Flower Horn Total Care 330 g 5 In 1

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About The Product

5 in 1 pack of medication kit for flowerhorn fish.
A complete pack of flowerhorn fish medications and de-worming
GENERAL CURE ā€“ 60 ml
General purpose medications. Anti Ich, bacterial and fungal.
PARACIDOL ā€“ 60 ml
Anti Parasitic medication, against external parasites.
BACTONIL ā€“ 60 ml
Against wounds, fin rot and all other bacterial infections.
STRESS HEAL ā€“ 50 ml
Stress, Chlorine, heavy metals neutralizers. Aloe Vera wound healing and synthetic slime coat.
WORM OUT ā€“ 60 ml
Anti-worm medication. Including worms in blood, liver, stomach, gill flukes, skin flukes, tape worm, flat worms and planaria in shrimp tanks. Best anti-worm for flowerhorn, arowana, discus, Koi and all types of fishes.


50 ml x 5 pcs