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Aquatic Remedies Flowerhorn Minzym 50G, Replenish Minerals – Active Enzymes – Beneficial Bacteria for flowerhorn in powder form

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About The Product

“FLOWERHORN MINZYM is a unique blend of 3 vital compounds”.
Natural MINERALS a booster of physiological activity metabolizes the flowerhorn body mechanism to build up heredity hump development. Also create and brings out natural vibrant lush colors.
Active ENZYMES produced by selective bacterial strains keep fish active and healthy. The best way to keep away the stress and boost the immunity through natural way. Also acts as perfect feed digestive agent.
New strains of BACTERIA do the job of denitrification to control ammonia. Suppress the growth of pathogenic disease causing bacteria by dominating them, hence promote natural healing and reduce the risk of bacterial infection.


1 gram equal to 1 spoon (inside) for 100 liter weekly once (or) during every water change.
Water application: Mix in a cup of clean fresh water and gently pour inside the tank.

Feed application: Take the required amount of feed equivalent to one feeding, spray enough clean water to make the feed wet. Sprinkle small quantity of MINZYM powder and keep it for 2 minutes before feeding.

• Bacillus subtilis
• Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
• Bacillus denitrificans
• Mineral mix