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Aquatic Remedies Shrimp Re Minerelle, 30g | Mineral Powder For Shrimps

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About The Product

Natural Mineral Supplement and Bacterial bio-film starter for shrimps.

Shrimp minerals fortified with millions of bio-film forming bacteria – Concentrates and additives – 100% natural and safe to all aquatic animals.

Working Principles:

1. Re Minerelle consists of natural mineral supplements to supply shrimp minerals, which is very much required for moulting. Also this special mineral supplement enhances the color of the shrimps. Regenerates shrimp shells with healthy and vibrant shrimps without altering the water chemistry.
2. Re Minerelle contains millions of bio-film farming bacteria which will be growing continuously in the tank and forms slimy layer which will be used as food for baby shrimps and adult shrimps.


Use weekly once or during every water change, 1 gram( 1 spoon inside measures approximately 1 gram powder) / 100 litres. Dissolve well in a cup of clean water and disperse in the aquarium tank. Few hours it may show cloudy water and settle down quickly as crystal clear again.


30 g