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Aquatic Remedies X-PORES Filter Media, 800ML (500G) | Natural Pumice Porous and Mineral Filter Media for Aquarium Fish Tank

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About The Product

X-PORES gives aquarium water a buffering capacity and keeps pH of the water stable. It has many microscopic pores provides plenty of housing space for bacteria.

X-PORES supplies minerals for all aquatic organisms.

X-PORES provides more water flow & increases oxygen.

X-PORES are hand picked 100% natural stones

The hand picked 100% natural pumice stones the most suitable size for filter media made by volcano eruption with high pressure thousands of years ago. The pumice expanded stones, with many microscopic pores as housing for filter bacteria. This special pumice media also considered as best source of trace minerals for aquatic animals.

X-PORES Also a great potting medium for orchids, cactus and Succulent plants. This also can be used as filter media in larger marine and fresh water aquarium projects.