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Heredity 100% Natural Delicious & Nutritious Crispy Baked Larvae Floating Fish Food, 100G

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About The Product


Crispy Baked Larvae for fish

The environmental and economic impact on aquatic beings depends significantly on the nature and quality of fish feed. With the depletion of resources and the unmatchable growing demand, insect-based protein is the best available alternative to pellets. As insects provide high-protein value, it is expected to easily replace the existing fish feed.

Heredity produces crispy baked larvae, our environmentally responsible aquarium feed, which will also reduce the burden on the ocean ecosystem. Our products combine high nutritional performance and the least environmental impact. Try it out!


As Aquatic beings, fishes are most likely to eat insects, larvae and other small beings as part of their dietary requirements. We introduces its very own fish feed, Heredity. Larvae, one of the richest source of protein is the main ingredient of Heredity's fish feed. Our larvae fish feed has the goodness of protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and probiotics which keeps your fishes super healthy. We have formulated our fish feed in such a way that it fulfils all the daily requirements of your fishes.

Our naturally processed larvae are an excellent replacement for pellets and are the first ever eco-friendly larvae fish feeds in the market. They help in improving appetite, digestion and more importantly your fishes overall lifespan . Another main ingredient our fish feeds contain is carotene pigment that helps in enhancing the rich color, sheen and vigour of your fishes. our fish feed can also be used for other aquatic animals as a protein supplement


  • Floating Type
  • Enhance Color
  • For All kind of Carnivorous Fish
  • Crispy Baked Larvae - Stimulate Immunity
  • Delicious & Nutritious


Hypoallergenic, Organic larvae with goodness of protein, vitamins, minerals & Probiotics for fish health.


Reduce 2/4 th of your fish expenditure for fish food while enjoying the goodness of superior nutrition.


Eco Friendly as it consumes minimal resource of land, water & feed to yield maximum nutrition just as nature intended.


100% Natural organic microwave dried larvae


Feed 2-3 times daily as your fish can consume within 5 minutes, remove remaining food after 10 minutes.

Take whole larvae for large fishes like Koi, Arowana, etc. & Crunch for small fishes like Gold Fish, Angel, etc.

After use close tightly.




  • Protein 35%
  • Fibre 5%
  • Fat 15%
  • Moisture 4%