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Aquatic Remedies Maifan Mineral Balls Filter Media 7-8MM, 500G for Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Media ith Free Net Filter Bag

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Maifan Mineral Balls purify water, absorb pollutants & excess nutrients and supply trace Minerals.

This Product is made from maifan stone and zeolite combination contains more than 42 types of trace elements for the benefit of plants, shrimps and fish.

Absorb heavy metals, remove toxins in aquarium water. Buffers pH Level and safeguard fish and shrimp from chemical shooks.

Boost beneficial bacteria colonies in aquarium.

It is ideal for shrimps, discus arowana, flowerhorn, planted aquarium to have active aquatic animals and vibrant aquatic plants.

Usage : 500g packing for up to 200 litre aquarium. This product can be used in aquarium up to 2 years. Place it in side aquarium tank, external filter, sump filter or where ther is more water flow

Ingredients: Trace minerals and essential elements from Maifan stone and Zeolite

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