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Nepall Natural Aquarium Soil for Aquarium Fish Tank (9 L)

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About The Product

Amazon water grass is a raw material for natural soil, which is a bed material specially developed for natural aquarium landscaping. The natural color of Amazonian clay in the natural color can make the natural sense of the better waterscape present. The raw material contains very rare black soil ingredients, which can effectively promote the flourishing growth of water and grass, except some special needs for water quality. In addition, almost all of the water and grass can be well cultivated. In the Amazon mud, there are abundant organic ingredients and nitrogen elements, which can promote the growth of water and grass very well, and turn the water quality into the weak acidity suitable for the growth of water and grass and tropical fish.


The capacity of this product is 9L, and if it is used in W60*D30*H36cm fish tank, the quantity of a bucket of mixed soil is more suitable. For the usage of this product, please refer to the size of the fish tank.


1. pure natural: clean natural alpine volcanic soil, 100% natural no added sinter forming.

2. volcano fertile soil: rich minerals, trace elements to provide water and grass elements.

3. natural water purification: high content of volcanic carbon, aluminum and other substances, natural decolorization, adsorption, reduction, and maintain clean and clear water quality.

4. stable Ecology: internal super pores can cultivate nitrifying bacteria, remove the toxic substances such as fish excretion, and establish a stable ecosystem.

5. high technology sintering: low temperature sintering forming retain rich elements, irregular surface suitable for water grass root attachment growth.

6. it can soften water quality and reduce pH and GH value, suitable for growth of weeds and weakly acidic fish branches