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Ocean Free" 0" Arowana Diseases 125 Ml

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About The Product

Ocean free Arowana “0” Diseases is a special herbal blend of various herbs

It can perform 5 main diseases prevention and treatment at the same time as Bacteria, Parasitic, fungicides, Gill disease cure and unknown diseases

Absolutely no other product come closer in the market and a secret formula solely owned by Ocean free

As mentioned this product is made with arowana lovers in mind that faced with the above mentioned problems

90 percent of all diseases are all under the curing scope of this product

As long as right dosages are administrated, the success rate of curing is high

For prevention purpose, a by weekly dosage is enough already this will help arowana to be prevented from all the said diseases

A definite must have product for all arowana lovers

Main Functions

Bacterial infection: Rotting of tail, body, fin, head, popping eyes, ulcer, dropsy, infection of wound ect

Parasitic Infection: White spot, cloudy eye, body slim, small sized external parasitic (hexamita, trichodina, nematodes etc)

Fungus Infection: Cotton wool disease of tail, body, fins head fungus on eggs fries, fungi infection

Gill Disease Infection: Rotting gills, sleeping disease, abnormal movements of gills and all other gill related diseases

Kills bacteria and improved water quality