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Ocean Free AR-G2 Arowana Fish Food - 250g

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About The Product

OF® AR-G2 INTENSE COLOUR is a premium Arowana carnivorous pelleted feed that excels in all grow-out conditions and enhanced with our proprietary colour enhancing, body shaping and fin elongation OF® OptiAR-X protein linker. This revolutionary product from Qian Hu Arowana Nutrition Research is bio-formulated to boost health, growth and beauty of your Arowana. Not only will OF® OptiAR-X deliver natural colour pigment to the desired location in the fish body and not the whole fish, OF® OptiAR-X also has the capability of transporting all essential amino acids to the fins and specific body parts so as to help in the fin growth/elongation and body shape for your beloved Arowana. We have analysed the amino acid profile of Arowanas and blended this formulation especially for Arowanas. This feed contains purely highly digestible and absorbable protein that is easily metabolized by the Arowana carnivorous digestive system. Only the finest ingredients are used to ensure that your Arowana receives nutrition of the highest quality.