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Ocean Free Special Arowana Vitamin Complex,150 Ml

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About The Product

To keep a majestic fish like arowana is actually not very difficult But to bring out the true colour and good health maintenance would pose a great challenge knowing the need of extra supplement for the arowana apart from food intake, Ocean Free has worked together closely with Arowana breeders in farms to derive this great product This product has also gone through lab tests for further improvement and effectiveness and also a safe product to use This is the best vitamin complex in the market for the Asian, South American and the Australian Arowanas A fact proven by expert arowana breeders Rich in vitamin complex, minerals trace elements, calcium (for bone development) and specially mixed so that the arowana can benefit from this product by the mouth, gills and skin An essential product for all arowana fanatics

When to use:
To improve arowana colour,shape and health. Improve immune system and disease prevention (bacteria infection, Parasite infection, skin diseases and fungus). Improve the digestive system and appetite of the fish Especially for the period whereby the arowana is sick or stress in a new tank. Provide the arowana with the essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals. To treat arowana of all breeds and other tropical fishes

Direction of use:
Normal use:ย For every 10L of water, add 1ML once or twice a week
When Arowana is sick:For every 10ml of water, add 1ML up to 3 times per week
For transportation:Add this product into the fish bag to reduce environmental stress (1ML to every 5L of water)
For feeding:Dry Food (Pellets, dry Prawns etc)Add 10ML per 100G of feed. Frozen Food( Prawns etc) Add 10ML per 100G of feed
Live Feed:This product can be dosed onto the live feed and then fed straight to the live feeders as well or dose 5ML to 1L of water and dip the live feeders in before feeding