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Ocean Free Special Treatment Aquarium Salt, 500G

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About The Product

Ocean Free Special Treatment Aquarium Salt- 500G

Aquarium Medicated Salt

  • Improved formulation of Epsom salt
  • Muscle relaxant that helps to relief the stress
  • Treats abdominal bloat

OCEAN FREE Special Treatment Salt  is especially recommended for all Tropical Fish (especially Discus, Koi, Goldfish, Arowana etc.). As a disease preventive (e.g. lch, Fungus, Parasites). Disinfects the tank water. An effective dip treatment for many disease causing organisms. Ideal for quarantine of new fish with medication. This freshwater medications is suitable for hatching brine shrimp eggs.

All Natural Freshwater Aquarium Salt Serves As A General Tonic And Stress Reducer For Freshwater Fish. During Disease And Stress, Healthy Gill Function Of Fish Is Disturbed.