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PetzLifeworld Aquarium Light, Co2 Auto Digital Programable Timer Switch for On/Off Automatically Without Manual Intervention…

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About The Product

Product Description


Rated Voltage:220V AC 50Hz
Voltage: 220-240V AC 50-60 Hz
Rated Power: 2200W
Max Load: 10A
Plug: EU Plug
Color: White
Material: ABS Shell + PA Socket
Min Setting Time: 1 Minute
Max Setting Time: 168 Hours
Operating Temperature: -10 to +40?
Accuracy: +/-1minute per month
Battery Backup: Ni-Mh 1.2V 80mAH
Size: (L)X(W)X(H) 6X8X11cm/2.36''X3.15''X4.33''(appr.)

Easy to set-up and use.
Compact, streamlined design.
Large buttons to use conveniently.
Working light power indicator clearly.
Energy-saving electronic timer programming.
The timer has a total of 16 ON/OFF programs.
Large LCD screen, more reasonable, more intuitive.
Manual on/auto/off can make settings as required very easily.
High conductivity copper, nickel plating, anti rust, copper structure optimization design, longer service life.
Hidden keys, can prevent misoperation caused by wrong operation, also can avoid extrusion during transport.
Multifunctional: can be applied to water heater, aquarium feed, outdoor music fountain, street lamp control, etc.
15 combinations of day or blocks of days are available for the timer.


1. Plug the timer into a regular 220-240 volt household power point and turn the power on.
2. Leave for appr. 12 hours to charge the memory back up batteries.
3. After charging clear all current information by pressing the "R" button with a sharp object such as a pen or pencil.
4. The timer is now ready to be set up for use.


1. Press the CLOCK button and hold, simultaneously press the week button until the actual day is displayed. Continue by pressing HOUR or MINUTE button until the current hour or minute is displayed. When setting, the buttons week,hour or minute can be held down for rapid forward counting.
2. Release both buttons. The week and time will be set.
3. To reset incorrect time, repeat previous steps.


1. Press the PROG button and release. The first on setting can be made now.
2. Press WEEK button to set the day or blocks of days. Set the time by pressing the HOUR button and then MIN button.
3. Press the PROG button again to finish the first on setting and enter into the first off setting. By repeating 2 to make the first off setting.
4. Press the PROG button again to finish the first off setting and enter into the 2 on setting. Repeat 2 and 3to program remaining settings.
5. After completing settings. Press the CLOCK button and the timer is ready to operate.

Example: Timer on at 18:15 and timer off at 22:15 every day.
a.Press PROG and LCD displays 1 ON
b.Press WEEK till LCD displays “MO,TU,WE,TH,FR,SA,SU”
c.Press HOUR till LCD displays 18:00
d.Press MIN till LCD displays 18:15
e.Press PROG again and LCD displays 1 OFF
f.Repeat the above c. and d. till LCD displays 22:15
g.Press the button “RES/RCL” to stop some programs, press the button ”RES/RCL” again to recall the selective programs.
TIPS: When verifying yours programs ensure that the settings do not overlap, especially when using the block option.

1. Press ON/AUTO/OFF button to revert the three mode in turn.
2. In ON or OFF mode the TIMER doesn’t operate as settings in AUTO mode.
3. When the mode is turned from ON (or OFF) to AUTO, the Timer will keep the setting of ON (or OFF) until to the next timer setting.

2. Do not plug in an appliance where the load exceeds 10Amp.
3. Always ensure the plug of any appliance is fully inserted into the timer, outlet.
4. If cleaning of the timer is required, remove from mains powers and wipe timer with a dry cloth.
5. Heaters and similar appliances should never be left unattended during operation. The manufacturer recommends such appliances not be connected to timers.

Package included:
1 Pcs Digital Timer (EU Plug)
1 Pcs User Manual