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Petzlifeworld Birds Cage Natural Wooden Perch Seesaw Toy for Parrot, Parakeet, Budgie, Cockatiel, Love Birds,.. etc

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About The Product

  • 🦜【Natural Wood Material】: This bird parakeet toy is made of natural wood, environmentally friendly and durable, bite-resistant, very suitable for birds or rats to climb, play and jump.
  • 🦜【Funny Seesaw Toys】: The bird seesaw toy is mainly composed of two parts: the bottom plate and the seesaw, which are connected to each other by screws and nuts. After the assembly is completed, it is like a seesaw that people play normally, and it is suitable for multiple parrots to play an interesting seesaw game to enrich their life with fun.
  • 🦜【Balance Toys for Small animals】: The rat seesaw toy allows the bird and rats or other small animals to play and jump on the toy, exercise their balance ability, and enrich their activities and content. This seesaw toy is widely suitable for all kinds of birds, hamsters, mice, rats, gliders, ferrets, guinea pigs, lemmings, chicks, gerbils and other small animals cag decoration and play.
  • 🦜【Easy to Install】: There are two fixing screws on the base of the seesaw toy, and the matching butterfly nut and metal spacer are included in the package. You can choose to place the seesaw toy directly on the floor of the cage for the consumption of small animals such as hamsters, rats, chinchillas, etc., or you can choose to fix the seesaw toy on the bird cage with screws for various parrot birds.
  • 🦜【Multi-purpose】: This bird toy can be used as a hanging ladder in a bird cage or rat cage, suitable for various small and medium-sized birds, such as parakeets, cockatoos, cockatiels, conures, macaws, and parrots, and can also be suitable for hamsters, mice, gerbils, chinchillas and other small animals for fun.