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PetzLifeWorld Bottom Suction Low Water Level Dry Run Safe Submersible Water Pump For Aquarium, Koi Ponds, Hydroponic and Water Fountains

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This aquarium pump is epoxy encapsulated, which is safe for your fish and aquatic plants. It is excellent for aquariums, hydroponic systems, fish tanks, water gardens and a variety of other applications. Features: Removable and easy to clean This small water pump is easy to hide or disguise. The device requires no tools to disassemble and it is very easy to clean. Removable nozzles. Choose nozzles according to personal needs or assemble nozzles or hoses in different shapes yourself. Powerful suction cups The suction cup can be installed horizontally or vertically in the aquarium while reducing noise Versatile application The small water pump is very suitable as an aquarium pump, for ponds, fountains, waterfalls, hydroponic systems, irrigation systems or water features. -- Can be attached to the glass. -- Ultra-quiet. -- Removable and washable. Specification: Material: ABS shell. Colour: blue. Voltage: 220V-240V. Frequency: 50 Hz. Outlet connection: 13 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm. Power cable length: 1.5 m. Box contents: 1 x submersible pump. 1 x nozzle (diameter 16 mm). 1 x nozzle (diameter 19 mm). Note: 1. Make sure the pump voltage matches the power supply. 2. You need to turn off the power supply before installing the pump or removing it for cleaning. 3. Please clean the water. Disassemble the pump to clean the propeller regularly, about every two months.

  • Dry burn protection function: temperature control protection has a built-in temperature control chip. When the pump is raised to 85 degrees, the chip will automatically shut off to avoid burns. When the temperature drops to 60 degrees, the motor works automatically. With the submersible pump, you don't need to worry that there is not enough or no water in your aquarium when you take a short trip.
  • Durable and ultra-quiet: running at a whisper-quiet level, the motor inside produces no noise, the unique rubber design on the bottom of the pond filter can be non-slip, it can hold in place.
  • 360° all-round floor extraction: fast pumping, design with low water level, pumps water as low as 1 inch quickly. An all-round design on the base can effectively remove dirt and impurities located at the bottom of the fountain pump.
  • High-quality material: ceramic rotor is more advanced than traditional stainless steel rotor. ABS material housing, durable, corrosion resistant. in salt water and fresh water.
  • Wide applications: this submersible pump is energy-saving, highly efficient and extremely mute. Ideal for aquariums, rockeries, hydroponic systems, fish tanks, fountains, ponds, gardens, etc. You can increase the oxygen with the water pump and allow the water to circulate.