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PetzLifeworld Neo Ruby Co2 Diffuser | Micro Bubbles | Algae and Scratch Resistant Acrylic Material (Imported Quality)

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About The Product

The CO2 diffusor is made out of acrylic Material , Hence, not prone to breakage. The diffusors function extremely efficiently because their special membrane technology allows a very fine CO2 atomisation. The membrane is not located inside the diffuser, as is usually the case, but on top of its body. The advantage is that the CO2 bubbles are able to stream out of all the membrane's pores, on top as well as on its sides. Hereby, the diffusor provides the best possible carbon fertilisation in a planted aquarium. Finest CO2 bubbles produced in the market. Budge-friendly Better Design. Works with all CO2 system, even DIY steps Our Diffuser includes: 1x Diffuser 1x Suction cup and a Suction Cup Before use: Immerse the diffusor in water for 10 minutes so that all the air in the diffusor is displaced. If there is still air in the diffusor, larger bubbles may form at the bottom of the diffusor ceramic.s. Tip: When bubble diffusion is slowed, remove the suction cup from the diffuser to avoid it from getting damaged, soak the diffuser in bleach for 10-30 minutes and rinse with water thoroughly to ensure any residual bleach is gone.