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Qanvee LH Series Fluidized Moving Bed Filter / Bubble Bio Media Reactor

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About The Product



                                        QANVEE Fluidized Bed Reactor Filter allows extensive mixing in all directions.  It can be used as a combination of physical and biological filtration which creates clean and clear water for the aquarium. Simply install an airline service into the unit and provide both aeration and filtration for your fish.

Bio-media provides a large surface area for bacteria and microorganisms as housing. Continuous movements created by airflow cause bio media to collide with each other.

Thus, the dead microorganisms/bacteria fall from the bio-media. New microorganisms/bacteria regrow and attach onto bio-media.

  • Fluidized concept design reduces cleaning job
  • Greater air output offer better aeration
  • Dark green body – enhance the reproduction of bacteria
  • Coarse sponge – physical separation