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Red Lava Stone for Aquarium, Natural Volcanic Rock Landscape Decorations Fish Tank

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About The Product

  • Lava Rock is suitable for all marine and fresh water aquariums.Lava Rocks can be used as decorative elements in an aquarium while providing hide-outs and homes for the fish that reside there.Aquarium rocks provide caves and territories, a surface to lay eggs on, and a place for algae eaters to graze upon.Such rocks are aquarium safe because they are inert, that is they will not affect the pH level of the aquarium.As a result of its aquarium-safe properties, lava rocks are often used in aquariums to create a natural underwater appearance. Additionally, lava rocks have the added benefit of decreasing the built-up nitrates in your aquarium.High nitrate levels are harmful to fish and promote algae growth. You can customize your own aquarium with a lava-rock background and a built-in cave network to add a new dimension to your fish tank and provide interesting areas for your fish to explore.Shapes and sizes and are made out of all sorts of different materials.