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Sobo Floating Glass Magnetic Aquarium Cleaner With Scrapper

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About The Product

Magnetic Brush glass tank-Ā  Imported quality Brush for Aquarium Fish tank Directions: Special design and durable life. Easy and convenient to use, with good absorb ability and powerful magnetic attraction. Clean away the lichen of aquarium and hurtles for Glass. Inside magnet automatically stand vertical at the bottom of the aquarium and easy to retrieval when the outside magnet detaches.


1. Humanized handle design can save your strength when cleaning the aquarium.

2. The strong magnetic force can clean inside by wiping the outside brush without get wet your hand.

3. Floating design avoids lost magnets on the bottom of your aquarium and makes it convenient for use.

4. Double-duty: wipe the surface of the fish tank without the detachable blade and out algae's with blade.

5.Available in 4 sizes for use from nano aquariums to large display tanks.

6. They can also be used in conservatories and other glass areas.


These Magnets have a very powerful magnetic attraction. Keep out of reach of children. Magnetic brush are very useful for keeping tank glass clean without the algae and other water debris stains on the tank glass. Specially magnetic brushes are useful for planted tanks. Planted tanks are not to be disturbed as live plants and driftwood settings are very fragile to be shaken and disturbed while doing the minimum cleaning of the planted tank glass. For this purpose magnetic brushes come very handy helping you to clean and wipe your planted tank glass clean and clear it from the algae and other tank debris stuck on the planted tank glass pains All planted tank aquarium hobbyist will be interested in buying magnetic brush for cleaning their planted tank glass walls.