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Sunsun Grech 3 In 1 Multifunctional Aquarium Fish Tank Submersible Internal Filter | Ultra Quite Fish Tank Oxygen Aeration Wave Maker For Fresh Water & Salt Water

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The 3-in-1 Multifunctional Aquarium Fish Tank Submersible Internal Filter Pump CHJ-502, is a versatile and efficient device designed to enhance the overall health and environment of your aquarium.

Specification :

Model : CHJ-502

Power : 7Watts

Output : 500L/Hr

Voltage : 220~240V

H.max : 0.9m

Model : CHJ-602

Power : 8Watts

Output : 600L/Hr

Voltage : 220~240V

H.max : 1.3m

Model : CHJ-902

Power : 20Watts

Output : 900L/Hr

Voltage : 220~240V

H.max : 1.5m

  • 🎄Multifunctional Design: This aquarium pump serves three functions, which could include filtration, aeration, and wave-making. The multifunctional design is often convenient for maintaining a healthy aquarium environment.
  • 🎄Ultra Quiet Operation: The mention of "ultra-quiet" suggests that the pump is designed to operate with minimal noise. This is beneficial for both the comfort of the aquarium inhabitants and the aquarium owner.
  • 🎄Oxygen Aeration: The pump likely has a feature for oxygen aeration, which is essential for the well-being of fish and other aquatic organisms. Adequate oxygen levels are crucial for a healthy aquarium environment.
  • 🎄Wave Maker Function: The wave-making function is a feature that creates water movement in the aquarium, simulating natural currents. This can be beneficial for certain fish species and also adds aesthetic appeal to the aquarium.
  • 🎄Power Rating: The pump is specified to have a power rating of 20 watts, which indicates its energy consumption.