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Sunsun Submersible Energy Saving Filtration Pump

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About The Product

The SunSun Aquarium pump combines the aquarium filter with the circulation pump. Circulation pumps, especially regarding saltwater aquariums, play an essential role because there are corals and even some fish that cannot do without a natural current. Circulation pumps simulate said natural current in aquariums. Circulation pumps frequently are mounted in the opposite way, thus generating a "diffuse current". Due to these generated currents, indesirable sediments only settle conditionally on the aquarium´s ground. the outlet nozzle, he left as well as to the right and therefore can be optimally placed in the aquarium. Via a tube, attached to the outlet nozzle, the aquarium is enriched additionnally with fresh air. It can be placed in aquariums with a water volume. The wear-free stainless steel shaft ensures for a long life of the aquarium pump. The integrated aquarium filter disposes of 2 filter stages that can be easily replaced and mounted individually.

Filter sponges Both filter sponges contain a filter sponge respectively, providing a large area for the settlement of beneficial bacteria. Moreover, the filter sponges prevent floating particles from penetrating into the body of the aquarium pump. By inserting filter sponges the content of nitrite is reduced and the water is cleaned of chemical impurities. When purchasing an aquarium filter or after a complete purification, once again the beneficial bacteria have to be enriched. There are special bacteria cultures that can be added to the aquarium filter, thus facilitating the re-start.