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YEE Aquarium Fish Tank Brine Shrimp Artemia Eggs Hatchery Vertical Incubator Accessories Kit

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About The Product

Main functions

The incubator is simple in design and practical in operation. It is mainly used for the hatching of live shrimp eggs. The hatched shrimp are mainly used to feed newborn baby fish or small tropical fish


First, the clean water is aerated, and then 90% of the aerated water is injected into the incubator tank, and then about 10g of coarse salt is added to the tank water for pre-dis- solution.

Connect the air intake hole at the bottom of the incubator with the oxygen pump, adjust the air volume to the appropriate size, the appropriate temperature is 28-30C

After another investment of about 3-5g. fertile shrimp eggs can hatch successfully after about 36 to 48 hours (depending on the incubation temperature and the quality of fertile shrimp eggs.

Collection operations : harvest shrimp eggs after hatching first stop oxygenation, standing for about 10-15 minutes, to be incubated harvest shrimp sink to the bottom, shrimp shell floating, shrimp larvae can be collected from the bottom of the incubator, fish can be fed.

Store the uneaten shrimp larvae In the refrigerator

The top input of the Incubator is the air supply port, please adjust the alr input if the air input is too large or too small, the hatching time and survival rate of the incubator will bo affected

The air supply port at the top shall be connected with a simple check valve, which can effectively prevent the water flow back in the incubator and prevent the damage of the air pump.

It can be installed in the cylinder and Incubated with constant temperature in the cylinder