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YEE Infrared Ceramic Heat Emitter Reptile Heat Lamp for Pet Lizard Turtle Aquarium Snake, No Harm No Light, Black

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YEE Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

Ceramic heat emitter has a broader sun-like spectrum of infrared radiation than incandescent lighting and does not emit visible light. Radiant heat is the most important and natural source for heat regulation in reptiles. A proper heating system is a very important factor of the natural terrarium set-up Reptiles are able to regulate their body temperature partly through radiant heat from the sun, by the lighting system or the heat lamp in the terrarium conditions Proper heating is important in order for reptile to live a healthy life.


  • Perfect 24 hour heat source for all types of reptiles, amphibians, birds, hamsters or other small animals.
  • Efficiency natural infrared emissions for maximum heat penetration, promoting health and healing as it widens the blood vessels and increases blood circulation
  • Emit no visible light, does not disturb animals sleep pattern
  • Solid ceramic element, suitable for humid environment. Life Span up to 10 thousand hours. With new technology, the thermal efficiency is up to 99%
  • flat-faced design is more efficient and longer lasting than conical designs which build up excess heat internally.


Material: Ceramic + Alloy

Diameter of heating surface : 7.5cm

Wattage : 50W / 25 W

Heating source : Ceramic, infrared, electrical, no light emitted

Usage Suggestions : Heating, Chicken Coops, brooding, grow light

Used with ceramic socket

Recommended Application:

Chicken Coop Water Tank

Snake Cage

Reptile Incubator

Chameleon Cage

Chicken Incubators

Hedgehog Cage

Bird Warmer

Turtle Tank

Lizard Cage